Monday 18 April 2011

10 Commandments of Business Presentations

1. Never mention an issue that doesn’t come with possible solutions and a recommendation.

2. Do not resent loud angry decision makers. They still care about your output enough to give you immediate and clear feedback.

3. Find out exactly what your end users expect from a presentation. Objections and reactions are better than no reactions because you have a chance to identify the concern and remedy it.

4. Look calm and self assured. Your listeners merely mirror your anxiety back. Why should anyone believe you if you don’t believe yourself.

5. Identify and defuse influence centers early. This will allow you to get useful feedback and support before and during a presentation

6.If you have a very limited amount of time to present, make sure that you discuss the benefits of your topic first. If done right this will lead to more time due to questions.

7. Don’t read your visuals, explain it.

8. Decision makers need to know the story behind the numbers so identify what items they need to look at.

9. Never argue with your listeners it only makes you look quarrelsome and immature.

10. In a presentation, it’s always better to look like the underdog than to look like the bully. Be willing to lose a battle, but by all means, win the war. After all if you give a heckler enough rope, they’ll hang themselves.

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